Kitchinspiracy or Kitchinspiration Part 2

Hi, if you can recall we started with the below:

Kitchen Before

Which when buying the flat was completely happy with because my desire was to have old cupboards which I could paint, because I was so inspired by kitchens like this (Click to view bigger picture):

Until they told me the insides were moulded and had to be redone and so began a process of saying well then I want wood cupboards, Uncle convincing me that pine is not going to work Long term, My mom saying that SUPAWOOD is the latest cupboards material and me just sticking to as long as I can paint it. The tops went from wanting quartz but first walking in a Melamine countertop shop and deciding on my favourite of the R900 for 3m’s tops, then going into a granite store and seeing my white countertops will cost R5000 per m2 for quartz, then settling for the beautiful butchers block wood countertop that we had about 3m of and my uncle said he has the rest…only to find out, it was not the same as his meranti wood, so we were back at square one buying the melamine countertop, which turned out to be great and enabled us to spend on my dreamy subway or as they call it in south africa metro tiles. So I ended up designing the below with example of if I paint the cupboard too:





And then in came the plumbers, and electricians, and grinders and blinders, and kitchen cupboards, until the day came when I came home from work and saw this:


I had comments like “Jou man sal moet hare op sy tanne moet het” – ( Your husband will have to have hair on his teeth), but managed to prevent crisis’s like – subway tiles being tiled upwards like regular tiles because the tiler had never seen tiles like this before (on trend 🙂 ) and quickly googling SUPAWOOD-MDF-HOWTOPAINT the night before they were due to paint it with hunch they might not know as they don’t normally do home/designer renovations and I was right… BUT we managed, and they got the painting right and we all have grown in our renovation abilities. The Electrician was so inspired by my kitchen design powerpoint he said he would do the lighting in my kitchen for free if I get a lamp, which I did.

Then deciding between l-shaped shelves to the window like the beautiful kitchen of Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess or a Feature Painting.



But then at Home had their 50 % April Fools sale again, and I got a beautiful painting and it brings in the salmon/coral pink colour I wanted:



So where we are now… On the Public Holiday my Mom (A HUGE THANK YOU MUMMY), helped me mount the pic, (sorry both pics taken at night, but hope you can get a glimpse of the lovely soft voile curtains in front of blinds, the painting, the decor. I intend to still do open shelving on the left but not till the end of the wall so that my tiles will remain a feature too. And then on the left I am now currently researching where to get mesh wire to do another Mandi Johnson also at Abeautiful Mess project, which I hope to make gold, and right across the wall.



And lastly to end this blog, the sneak peak of half of next project besides the open shelving: