Designing, Waiting, Designing, Waiting…

On 5 August I found out the place the bond came through, it is now October, and I will only be moving in November, and I have not been able to view the place again to get measurements due to the tenant being sick. This means I plan and plan and plan without really knowing so much what to work with, but finding flats on and pics that is similiar to my palce and scans of my own furniture that I can use. This is two ideas I came up with tonight for my lounge…

The first is the rug from Airloom I can afford and is kinda going with the spring/summer look and in fashion artsy colours.


Look 2 is after playing with picture one, and adding my original idea of having a white rug, and the soft pinks and brass things, and found this ammmmaaazzzzzing coffee table at At Home. Need to go to Morocco and buy me some furniture there! Now that I have altered it I realise pic two is really me!


Additional ideas I saw:

These plates found here:


Brass Rods on Special at Game for the Curtains…

And definitely this Tray at At Home for entertainment!



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