My Own Home Update – Lounge Area

Books everywhere, a Kist being used as a coffee table, lots of white walls that I can’t paint, inspiration from blogs, mostly A Beautiful Mess… Finally I had to do something….

First you notice the leaning ladder, then you notice the leaning ladder book case, in @Home… Then you see all the geometric things in all the blogs and shops, then you see a geometric pastel rug that matches with your place…Then you start falling inlove with the layered white approach, which then solves your problem of not being able to paint or knock holes in the wall, then you buy the ladder, then you manage to set up the ladder yourself with your friend that you didn’t think possible… but it is, even without the screwdriver thing… You don’t go to bed and instead decorate… and voila!!!  You are on your way to becoming an on trend, yet having fun interior designer.

Before (with new rug)




Thanks Liz, for helping me set up the bookshelf…


***Next project? Making a statement wall with the earth map sister gave me…


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