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End of 2016, I realised I don’t have personal goals, as in goals for me, and for my benefit, not others. I thought about why this is, and thought perhaps it was because then one would actually have to be accountable to your own dreams. Its easier to accomplish something for someone else, for e.g. at work. But if you for e.g. want to lose weight, if this was a work objective it would be handled as  “How much do you want to lose, by when do you want to lose it. So for this month I need to lose 2 kilo’s, how am I going to do that?” So instead of actually sticking to it, you just don’t have personal goals. And run around for everyone else…

So I decided I am setting a goal, and the first was to have an overseas holiday


Kitchinspiracy or Kitchinspiration Part 2

Hi, if you can recall we started with the below:

Kitchen Before

Which when buying the flat was completely happy with because my desire was to have old cupboards which I could paint, because I was so inspired by kitchens like this (Click to view bigger picture):

Until they told me the insides were moulded and had to be redone and so began a process of saying well then I want wood cupboards, Uncle convincing me that pine is not going to work Long term, My mom saying that SUPAWOOD is the latest cupboards material and me just sticking to as long as I can paint it. The tops went from wanting quartz but first walking in a Melamine countertop shop and deciding on my favourite of the R900 for 3m’s tops, then going into a granite store and seeing my white countertops will cost R5000 per m2 for quartz, then settling for the beautiful butchers block wood countertop that we had about 3m of and my uncle said he has the rest…only to find out, it was not the same as his meranti wood, so we were back at square one buying the melamine countertop, which turned out to be great and enabled us to spend on my dreamy subway or as they call it in south africa metro tiles. So I ended up designing the below with example of if I paint the cupboard too:





And then in came the plumbers, and electricians, and grinders and blinders, and kitchen cupboards, until the day came when I came home from work and saw this:


I had comments like “Jou man sal moet hare op sy tanne moet het” – ( Your husband will have to have hair on his teeth), but managed to prevent crisis’s like – subway tiles being tiled upwards like regular tiles because the tiler had never seen tiles like this before (on trend 🙂 ) and quickly googling SUPAWOOD-MDF-HOWTOPAINT the night before they were due to paint it with hunch they might not know as they don’t normally do home/designer renovations and I was right… BUT we managed, and they got the painting right and we all have grown in our renovation abilities. The Electrician was so inspired by my kitchen design powerpoint he said he would do the lighting in my kitchen for free if I get a lamp, which I did.

Then deciding between l-shaped shelves to the window like the beautiful kitchen of Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess or a Feature Painting.



But then at Home had their 50 % April Fools sale again, and I got a beautiful painting and it brings in the salmon/coral pink colour I wanted:



So where we are now… On the Public Holiday my Mom (A HUGE THANK YOU MUMMY), helped me mount the pic, (sorry both pics taken at night, but hope you can get a glimpse of the lovely soft voile curtains in front of blinds, the painting, the decor. I intend to still do open shelving on the left but not till the end of the wall so that my tiles will remain a feature too. And then on the left I am now currently researching where to get mesh wire to do another Mandi Johnson also at Abeautiful Mess project, which I hope to make gold, and right across the wall.



And lastly to end this blog, the sneak peak of half of next project besides the open shelving:



Imagination Vs Reality

You recall I dreamt of this before seeing my flat again after only viewing it once the first time.


Well as you can see I thought I could still fit in another couch, and a dining room table. Thought my wooden parquet flooring under the carpet would be light. Couldn’t find a white shaggy carpet or beautiful moroccan berber carpet yet, but one win was decided to give up on the idea of having a R4400 Brass At Home Coffee Table and thrifted a second hand one for R150!!!  So here is the reality of my lounge at this stage…




Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before



open-shelving-in-kitchen-with-white-subway-tile-l-6737139c7fe1c739 (1)


After making plans with my Uncle and now semi putting those ideas in Powerpoint… This is the ultimate of all my ideas put together sort of..


Now if we say paint those white cupboards Navy 🙂 Voila!


Final kitchen to be added when done, today only countertops ordered and beginning on working on boxes.

Designing, Waiting, Designing, Waiting…

On 5 August I found out the place the bond came through, it is now October, and I will only be moving in November, and I have not been able to view the place again to get measurements due to the tenant being sick. This means I plan and plan and plan without really knowing so much what to work with, but finding flats on and pics that is similiar to my palce and scans of my own furniture that I can use. This is two ideas I came up with tonight for my lounge…

The first is the rug from Airloom I can afford and is kinda going with the spring/summer look and in fashion artsy colours.


Look 2 is after playing with picture one, and adding my original idea of having a white rug, and the soft pinks and brass things, and found this ammmmaaazzzzzing coffee table at At Home. Need to go to Morocco and buy me some furniture there! Now that I have altered it I realise pic two is really me!


Additional ideas I saw:

These plates found here:


Brass Rods on Special at Game for the Curtains…

And definitely this Tray at At Home for entertainment!


My Own Home Update – Lounge Area

Books everywhere, a Kist being used as a coffee table, lots of white walls that I can’t paint, inspiration from blogs, mostly A Beautiful Mess… Finally I had to do something….

First you notice the leaning ladder, then you notice the leaning ladder book case, in @Home… Then you see all the geometric things in all the blogs and shops, then you see a geometric pastel rug that matches with your place…Then you start falling inlove with the layered white approach, which then solves your problem of not being able to paint or knock holes in the wall, then you buy the ladder, then you manage to set up the ladder yourself with your friend that you didn’t think possible… but it is, even without the screwdriver thing… You don’t go to bed and instead decorate… and voila!!!  You are on your way to becoming an on trend, yet having fun interior designer.

Before (with new rug)




Thanks Liz, for helping me set up the bookshelf…


***Next project? Making a statement wall with the earth map sister gave me…

Discover Babylonstoren

Literally just off the N1 when you reach Main Road Paarl, Babylonstoren is a pretty, healthy, visual, great for groups, wine farm, which I have visited 3 times now….

The farm has an entrance fee of R10 per person, which includes a guided Garden tour at 10 AM I think. The garden is creatively organized as the Company’s Garden used to be. The green house is a breakfast/light lunch restaurant meant for just refreshing yourself after along walk through the gardens. There is also the more pricey Babel Restaurant, hotel rooms, a spa, and the Farm shop.

The first time I went, I have to admit I was most impressed by the Juice… which is simply names Red, Green or Orange and made up of various things throughout the garden depending on the season…


The second time I took my Mom, which involved lunch in the Greenhouse, posing in the garden, special tea from herbs

Finally the last time I went with 2 dear friends, we drove on a long gravel road *by accident, we had a wonderful day of eating, posing, declarations of abundance, feeding the donkeys (my favourite)….

IMG-20150202-WA0054 IMG-20150202-WA0053 IMG-20150202-WA0027 IMG-20150202-WA0015 IMG-20150201-WA0036 IMG-20150201-WA0007 IMG-20150202-WA0006

And lastly making crazy wonderful declarations for February